Linen Saree

Made out of the Flax Plant (also known as linseed), Linen Sarees are the most widely used fabric in the fashion industry. The beauty of this fabric is the dynamism it poses and the creativity it brings out in the manufacturer and the beauty it brings out of the wearer. It is the fabric to be worn in the summer. The importance of Linen can be understood with the fact that within 20 years its conversion to wearable fabric has increased to 70% of the total Linen Fabric production.

Cotton Saree

Cotton SareeĀ is the most preferred fabric in the country for all the kinds of material that could be made from Cotton. It holds its importance due to its light weight and airness that it posses. No women closet is complete without atleast one Cotton Saree on it. It is economical and at the same time very soothing in terms of the daily usage. Cotton Saree does not go by any season, it can be worn anywhere, anytime and anyway. So it is not just a go-to saree but a go-to fabric for everyone. The First ever Cotton Production in India started in Mumbai.

Silk Saree

Silk SareesĀ are the heart and soul of a women closet. It posseses a kind of completeness and beautiful sensation in it. No occasion is complete without a silk saree. It has garnered fame for its radiant look, vibrancy, softness and rich look it possess. Silk sarees are the sareee that have to be taken extra care of. It is highly priced but the quality it gives would be brilliant. Bhagalpur Silk Saree hold a prominent position in the Textile industry.